Week 7 Marketing Plan

We will create a marketing plan for the DHL company related to drone delivery.

This assignment will be the combined form of the 4 assignments I have already written. You will see 4 separate assignments below.

By looking at those 4 tasks, you have to create this marketing plan. You can not copy and paste everything written there. You just need to read the information there and use in this marketing plan. (NO PLAGIARISM).

This marketing plan should cover the sections listed below and be written in clear, concise, business writing. Remember, your audience for this paper is the C-Suite of the organization you’re covering.

Include at least two of the following: graphs, tables, and/or charts to clearly and concisely communicate your plan. Photos may be added in addition.

The end result should be approximately 8-10 pages, in 12-pt Arial font, with a professional cover page, outlining a clear plan for developing and launching your product or service.

Required Content:

Executive Summary

SWOT Analysis





Product or Service Definition

Competitor Research (Competitors: UPS and FEDEX)



Positioning Statement of Drone Delivery

Marketing Segmentation Strategy

Marketing Mix Plan




Measurement and Analytics Plan–how will you measure the results of your launch?

References (at least 8).

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  • JOURNAL: A collection of weekly journal entries for THREE of the remaining weeks.Each week you write about a page responding to the following questions:
    • How are you experiencing the Corona Virus pandemic?How is it affecting you/your family/friends/coworkers/clients?
    • What are your concerns, fears, questions, emotions this week?Have they changed?If so, how?
    • In what ways do you think the effects of the virus you are experiencing are related to policy/ies?
    • Do you think any important policy/ies have been made or changed this week?If so, what are they and what do you think of it/them?
    • What do you think are the most important policies gov’t (at any level) needed that week based on what you are experiencing, witnessing, hearing, etc., AND how would/could/are you advocate/ing for them and/or addressing needs at a practical level?
  • You get a max of 4 points for every question that you answer; so, you answer each question.The goal is to track your experience of the virus over time.
  • You do not need formal references in the weekly submissions, but you can and should refer to the names of author’s whose policies, research, arguments, etc that you refer to.
  • Final submission: At the end of the semester, you have a week to collect all entries into one document worth the other 40 %.Use this time to read through them, and organize them how you like, but maintain separate headings for each week.
  • Add a half page summary/introduction and A half page conclusion.
  • Double-spaced, typed in standard font, using references.
  • 1 page in length per journal
  • References:At least 3 sources using sources from handouts, syllabus, blackboard, or quality materials from other classes or your own research

**Use footnotes or in text references with a bibliography

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A corporation has $400,000 of before-tax book income. In determining this, the corporation included $50,000 from an insurance policy paid because of the controller’s death, $4,000 of premiums on other key-person life insurance policies, $10,000 interest on State of Nevada Municipal bonds, an addition of $15,000 to its bad debt reserves (bad debt expense was $20,000), and book depreciation of $34,000. The corporation’s tax depreciation is $29,000. Calculate the corporation’s taxable income.


Bruce set up two trusts in 2017. The first was for his daughter, Jessica, to which he contributed $200,000 during that year. (The income interest was valued at $100,000 and the remainder interest’s value was $100,000.) Bruce plans to continue contributing money to the trust each year but Jessica can withdraw only the lesser of $15,000 or the amount transferred to the trust each year. The trustee can pay the amount annually until Jessica receives the trust assets at age 40. The second trust was for his 10-year old son, Tucker. Bruce contributed $50,000 in 2018. (The income interest was equal to $10,000 and the remainder interest was equal to $40,000.) The trustee may distribute the income or principal to Tucker until he reaches age 21, at which time the assets will be transferred to Tucker. In 2018, Bruce contributes $10,000 to Jessica’s trust and $16,000 to Tucker’s trust. What types of trusts are these and what are Bruce’s gift tax consequences in 2017 and 2018?

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This discussion is optional. It is for extra-credit (10 points).

Write 2 paragraphs answering the following questions:

  • What are the social problems created by the criminalization of drugs and alcohol?
  • In which ways would society benefit with the legalization of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroine?
  • Are you in favor of the legalization of currently illegal drugs? Why?

After submitting your answers, please reply to at least three (3) of our classmates’ posts, pointing out their good points as well as any limitation you see in their arguments.

Your original answer to the questions as well as your reply-comments to other students must be of substantial quality in order to get points. Substantial quality includes a demonstration that you have completed the required readings and videos and thought critically about them. Your answers and reply-comments must be original, use your own ideas and words. Do not copy from any website or written material from another person.

You must post your original answers first, in order to see other students’ answers.

If you are new to canvas, check the video on how to participate in a discussion (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or consult the canvas student guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for a text explanation.

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We will be using the Three Mile Island incident to demonstrate how a Technique for Human Error Rate Prediction (THERP) analysis is done. First, take a look at this Summary Sheet on THERP (PDF) hosted by Alion’s System Reliability Center website.

Next do the following activities. Steps 1-3 of the Summary Sheet on THERP are given below as a guide for your THERP analysis:

Step 1: Define the system or process. This involves describing the system goals and functions and the consequences of not achieving them. It also requires identifying mission, personnel, and hardware/software characteristics.

The “Meltdown on Three Mile Island” video in Module 1 gave you an understanding of the situation on that fateful day, Wednesday, March 28, 1979. Review the video if needed (use time segment 3:15 – 4:10 to focus on the key aspects needed for this assignment).

Step 2: Identify and list all the human operations performed and their relationships to the system or process tasks and functions. This requires an analysis of all operator and maintainer tasks.

Take a look at the human operations depicted in the Fault Tree (PDF) of what occurred in segment 3:15 – 4:10 of the video.

Step 3: Predict error rates for each human operation or group of operations. Errors likely to be made in each task or subtask must be identified. Errors that are not significant in terms of system operation are ignored. This step includes estimating the likelihood of each error occurring and the likelihood of an error not being detected.

For this step, use the Event Tree (PDF) provided to fill in the error rates.

Determine the basis human error probability (HEP) based on the event tree provided. You will be using data found in the NRC: Handbook of Human Reliability Analysis with Emphasis on Nuclear Power Plant Applications (PDF) (NUREG/CR-1278). Go to Chapter 20 to see how to use the THERP tables to locate probability values.

For this case, the data sources in the NUREG/CR-1278 tables are shown for each action in the table below. Given that the operators omitted a procedural step from a long (>10 items) list of procedures, what should the Basic Human Error Probability (HEP) for each action be?

ActionsHEP (error factor)

Data Source in


Operators fail to restore signal power

20-7 (2)

Operators fail to restore power to controls

20-7 (2)

Operators fail to close the relief valve

20-13 (2)

Operators fail to close the drain valve

20-13 (2)

Upload your event tree with associated Basic HEP for each branch of the tree.

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      You have to read a chapter from a book called “More than good intentions”. I have attached a link for the chapter.

      1. Write your personal reflections on the following (250-750 words)
        1. Explain what the monks and the fish in “More Than Good Intentions” have to do with development.
        2. What are your thoughts about the importance of good intentions in doing development work? Are good intentions necessary for doing effective work? Are good intentions sufficient?

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      Complete a personal research project on the global impact of the Covid 19 virus. You should look at it from the four aspects that we have been discussing in class, the political, economic, legal, and cultural effects. Focus first on the effects on your home country(Saudi Arabia). Then look outward and discuss how the Covid 19 pandemic is effecting your home countries relationship with their neighbors, and finally the effect on the world.

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      Visit a company like International Airlines Group (the parent company of BA & Iberia airlines) or Shell Oil Company whose operation include two nations. Review their latest annual financial performance and their top executive remuneration. Evaluate the role of HR leadership by answering the following questions:

      • How can these organizations relate top executive pay and company performance financially?
      • How has HRL considered differences in the culture of top executives and their motivation to perform better when determining their pay?
      • What else could the HRL have done to motivate the top executives to produce better financial results for their respective company?

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      Examine the use of qualitative and quantitative studies for business research.


      You work in a senior manager role at a software development company. There has recently been a major restructure and you are required to take on the management of both the sales and customer support departments. The departments have never fallen under the same manager and have traditionally had a tense relationship. The tension comes from the tendency of the sales team not always being forthcoming about the limitations of the software product. The result is angry phone calls to customer support representatives. Additionally, the previous managers of the two departments had very different management styles and were often at odds with one another.

      The combination of the overall organizational restructure, the merging of departments that had a history of tension, and the change in managers seem to be affecting the morale and productivity of your newly acquired staff. This observation is supported by high turnover in both areas, tendencies to miss deadlines, a high rate of employees calling in sick, and no responses to important email and phone correspondence. As manager, you need to create a team that trusts you and works well together in order to be productive and meet your company’s sales goals while providing excellent customer support. In order to address what you believe to be a serious morale issue, you have decided to research the exact root of the problem in order that you come up with solutions to begin team-building exercises and ultimately increase productivity


      You have decided that the problem is serious enough that it should be brought to the attention of senior management in the form of a presentation. In your presentation you will begin by briefly describing the ways you believe low morale is affecting productivity. You will then describe the research methods you will use to determine the exact cause for low morale so that you can make appropriate actions in your area.

      Create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint that includes the following:

      • Describe four ways that you see low morale affecting productivity in your area (1 – 2 slides)
      • Explain the qualitative and/or quantitative research method(s) you would use to discover the exact cause of low morale and why you chose it. (2-3 slides)
        • Quantitative methods – surveys, experiments, surveys, and case studies
        • Qualitative methods – focus groups, interviews, observations, content analysis
      • Identify the target audience that will be included in your sample and why (2-3 slides)
        • Define how large the sample will be
        • Determine whether all members of the team will be included in your research or only selected members.
      • Determine the type of data you will be gathering and how it will allow you to interpret the exact cause(s) of low morale in your area. (2-3 slides)

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      please conduct a research about Project Prairie Grass (O’Neill, Nebraska). you will need to write a total of around 20 pages ( that include tables and figures). please check the attachment as it has all the information needed.


      Describe your project, including why you chose the topic and any practical use you think the results might have. (It’s OK if there isn’t any practical use and you just did it because it sounded interesting.) Your introduction should be long enough to give the reader a good idea of your general topic and your level of interest.Do not include specific results in this section.


      Explain, in general terms, background information for the topic. For example, if you were describing Project Prairie Grass, you might say that results from those tests underlie most of the atmospheric dispersion modeling conducted over the past 50 – 60 years but few (if any) measurements considered distances farther than one kilometer from the release point.


      Results Obtained (if you collected any new data or conducted new analyses)

      Explain in detail using a table showing date(s) and location(s) when and where you collected your data..Summarize the data in tabular form using the example format shown on the next page.You will probably also want to use figures and an example format is shown on the second page following. Note that Table 1 provides general guidelines for your report.


      Following presentation of the results, you will provide a discussion of them. This is the point at which you demonstrate some of the knowledge you gained in the class. You might include equations using the following format


      Don’t forget to define the terms if they haven’t be used before. Notice that the equation number is in parentheses to the right.Refer to it as “Equation 1” when you need to remind the reader about it.

      Table 1. Table Title Goes Here

      Headings as needed

      Headings as needed

      Headings as needed

      Headings as needed

      Use as many tables as necessary – always introduce them in the body of report.Most tables and figures probably need to be on their own page.Some other guidelines follow below:

      1. Text body is Times New Roman 12 point.
      2. Line spacing should be 1.5 with 1-inch margins all around.
      3. Each page should be numbered and include the team number.
      4. Major heading should be bold capitals at the left margin, secondary heading should be bold at left margin.
      5. Use third person, either active or passive voice.
      6. Use complete sentences. If you can’t diagram the subject, predicate and any object in your sentence, start over with a new sentence.
      7. All equations are numbered, with the equation number in parentheses to the right.
      8. Tables are numbered in the order they appear and labeled at the top with a title.
      9. Figures are numbered in the order they appear and labeled at the bottom with a title.
      10. Use numbers in parentheses for references. Number the references in the order they appear in the text.
      11. The word “data” is the plural of “datum” so treat it as plural (i.e., use “are” not “is”).

      Figure 1. Figure Caption Goes Here


      This section draws conclusions as warranted from your project. After completing your project, you probably have a better idea of (a) what could have be done better and/or (b) other problems/studies that could be undertaken.



      As necessary.

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