Learning Activity #4: Christian Worldview Paper

Read the articles below at the following links:

 “What’s Your Worldview?” by John MacArthur

 “What are some Christian Worldview Essentials?” by Matt Slick

 “What’s a Christian Worldview?” by Del Tackett

Write a 2-3 page paper discussing which aspects from the articles you believe are most important to formulating a Christian worldview.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed.

- Discuss what it means to formulate a Christian worldview.

- Explain how this worldview should impact all that Christians do and specifically what it will mean to their views of counseling.

- Provide at least two sources. Citations to the dictionary should be provided on top of the required two sources. The Bible should not be listed in the References page, but does have to be cited in-text.

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