Note: (you will read the Scenario + the problem statement then answer the below questions based on uploaded chapter)

Case Study: Power and Influence in Overcoming Management Conflict

Case Scenario:

At the age of 25, Jack Miller has a promising career at Gale University. In three months, he has been promoted to Research Development Manager, tasked with creating and implementing a new marketing strategy, which will be used to support the university’s recruitment initiative. This is Jack’s first big assignment, which is to develop a targeted marketing campaign aimed toward adult learners. However, his project is at risk due to a twenty-five year veteran marketing specialist on his team, named Nancy Holister, who is reluctant to participate.

Problem statement:

Jack must find a way to leverage power and influence in order to encourage and motivate Nancy to increase her performance and participation to ensure success of the project.

Research Questions:

Inquiring how power and influence theories/tactics might address/resolve the problem identified within the case scenario):

  • What are the sources of power for Jack? And for Nancy?
  • What influence tactics can Jack utilize in order to get Nancy on board with the new marketing strategy?
  • What influence tactics are available to Nancy?
  • Which power bases should Jack draw on to help him influence Nancy?
  • How does Jack use influence to get Nancy to be more concerned about the organizational success than her own needs or desires?
  • Can any composites be identified for motivation that Jack may have

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