Each student is required to submit three (3) individual observation papers. You will have four opportunities to submit these papers. An individual observation paper is a 2-3 page analytical paper that makes an explicit application of a course concept to an instance of communication about an environmental issue. Your analysis should include (1) a brief description of the communicative artifact, event, or incident in its original context (e.g., Who enacted it? What it is? Where did you encounter it? When did it happen?); (2) a clear conceptual exposition that defines/explains the concept or concepts you are using to guide your analysis making direct quotation from relevant sources; (3) your analysis of the communication in terms of how well your selected concept or concepts discloses the communication’s influence (or failure to influence) those involved (including you if relevant); and (4) a conclusion that explains what you learned about environmental communication from the analysis. Each Individual Observation Paper is worth 10% of your final grade, for a total of 30%. You have to submit two of the papers. (If you want, you can write three papers and I will drop the lowest of the three grades.) by the way, the title of this course is Enviro Comn and Rhetoric

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