Research a publicly traded company of your choice using the latest financial statements and announcement of quarterly or annual dividends per share, an announcement of a stock split of one to two and the purchase of treasury stock. If all three events did not take place, imagine, based on the latest financial statements of the company, that all three events did take place in the company, and build a scenario and projections as follows:

  1. Discuss the primary reporting alternatives the company has for the repurchase of its own shares. How would each option affect total shareholders’ equity?
  2. How would a stock split of one for two be accounted for, how would it affect shareholder’s equity, and why?
  3. How would the company account for the cash dividends from declaration to the date of payment? What are the important dates for dividends payment and how would it affect the balance sheet, and why?

At least 2 cited references required.

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