This Quiz is a multiple choice exam with two written questions that will Tuesday 21 April at 6pm (Sydney time Australia).

The exam will have 30 questions, of which 28 are multiple choice and two short written questions

The time you have to complete the exam is 90 minutes.

here are some sample questions.

Supplementary Questions (may require basic knowledge of probability and/or prior introductory accounting and business concepts)
Assume that you can sell a new product at $5.00 per unit. Variable costs are $3.00 per unit, and fixed costs are $20,000. What will be the profit before taxes if you sell 12,000 units next year?

An entrepreneur may start a number of different types of businesses, including salary-replacement firms, lifestyle firms, and entrepreneurial firms or ventures. (true or false)

Venture capitalists invest in approximately what percent of business plans presented to them?

Firms that allow owners to pursue specific lifestyles while being paid for doing what they like to do are referred to as:

If the asset intensity is 0.80, the asset turnover would be:

Determine the net profit for a venture with the following financial information: revenues = $500,000; return on assets = 20%; and asset turnover = 2.0 times.

Determine the asset intensity of a venture with the following financial information: net profit = $22,000; revenues = $132,000; and return on assets 30%.

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